Full of the desire to express herself artistically, but too structured for the free-flow of the traditional artist's canvas, Linda Locke was thunderstruck by her first encounter with the floorcloth. Here was her medium! The design of a floorcloth requires "structured" creativity. Then, as a result of requests from her clients, Linda expanded her creativity to wall hangings, place mats and valances all made using the same techniques as her floorcloths.

Even though Linda's college degree was in mathematics and her work experience has been in the ordered, logical world of computers and data processing, her soul burns with the unquenchable fire of the free spirit.

In her personal life she has balanced the raising of two children with the search for adventure. Linda has hiked the Grand Canyon over seventy different times and four times has completed the 20-hour, 50-mile, rim-to-rim-to-rim "Death March" alone through The Canyon. Furthermore, being a technical rock climber for over 15 years has taken her to many lofty heights throughout the West. Her ready smile, but serious demeanor portend a woman who is that unique blend of organization and free-flow which is the perfect combination when it comes to designing floorcloths.

For Linda, the creation of each piece of art is an adventure. As the design is planned and the colors are selected, she incorporates the structure and attention to detail acquired from years in the computer industry with the quest for discovery and challenge that are the forces which have drawn her to seek the unknown in the out-of-doors. With each new piece she designs, her quest for discovery and challenge begins anew.

Click to see pictures of Linda's latest adventures:

 Sea Kayaking near Whittier, Alaska

 Rock Climbing at Smith Rock, Oregon

Rock Climbing at Red Rocks, Nevada 
 Hiking in the Grand Canyon, Arizona